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  • NATURAL & SIMPLE STYLE: Knife storage with a simple yet style-conscious design,place the embedded neodymium rare earth magnets inside acacia wood sandwiched.Sturdy and durable and environmental protection,create a Green and Healthy Kitchen.
  • NOT ONLY FOR KNIFE: Because of the built-in magnet the knives will stick to the surface of the block. The knives are completely visible, so you will never grab hold of the wrong one.Especially for Metal Knives not only great for storing knifes, kitchen sears, cutlery widgets, or metal objects.Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the knife block looks amazing on your counter top!
  • POWERFUL MAGNET & ULTRA-LARGE CAPACITY: Premium magnetic stand has strong, durable neodymium magnets hidden inside. The minimalistic, neat design fits any kitchen interiors.This solid wood and stainless steel knife block features internal magnets to secure the knife blades securely in place.12 inch Width of magnetic plate ,Ultra-Large Capacity, Can be placed 10-16 knives Or any iron knives(Except for Ceramic Cutters)
  • PREVENT DULLING OF THE KNIFE BLADES: They are safe for the blades you intend to store on it as the blade only comes into contact with the wood. As such the blade remains sharp and the cutting edge will never be damaged.Wipe the water off before putting the items on it.
  • ANTI-SLIP FEET & WOOD GRAIN: NON SLIP BASE KNIFE DOCK-Finished with slip-proof anti-skid felt pads on the bottom, our wood knife block is safer to use on slippery counter tops than ordinary blocks. No more skidding, slipping, sliding or wobbling around!
  • Your Magnetic Knife Holder is made of NATURAL acacia wood. The natural wood can be different in wood grain. This imperfection is the mark of an natural product. If you are not happy with your product, we will gladly grant you a full refund.
  • This magnetic knife block only need to be maintained with vegetable oil,Prevent wood from cracking. (Note: for steel iron blade only, NOT for ceramic knives)
  • Resafy Magnetic Knife Wooden Block Holder Rack Magnetic Stands Strong Enhanced Magnets Kinves Strip

    The eternal problem-how to best store your knives and other tools which you often reach for?

    When it comes to storing your knives,there are few solutions which you may want to consider.Finding the right home for them is more than just a question of kitchen organisation. The right knife storage can help your knives stay sharper longer,and help your kitchen look fancier,too. Magnetic knife holders are the best solution. Some people believe that magnetic knife racks and blocks could possibly cause misalignment on a molecular level–nothing further from the truth! We brought up this conversation with a mechanical engineer once and he assured us that that was impossible. Premium magnetic stand has strong,durable neodymium magnets hidden inside.The minimalistic, neat design fits any kitchen interiors.

    Why we use Resafy Magnetic knife blocks?

    A must-have kitchen accessory to safely store your kitchen knives when not in use.This solid oak wood and stainless steel knife block features internal magnets to secure the knife blades securely in place. This stylish knife block will complement any style of kitchen.It will hold up to 16 knives,8 on each side,up to a 9 inches blade length.

    If you have counter space to spare and want to keep your knives within easy reach of your work surface, a counter-top knife block is the way to go.

    If you've been building your own diverse collection of knives, you'll want a block without pre-sized slots in it.Many countertop knife blocks are diagonally shaped so you can slide knives in and out at an angle, but this takes up a lot of space on the counter. To save space and for a cleaner,more elegant look,choose a block with slots at the top instead.Again,how you place and remove the knives will help protect the sharpness of your blade:when you slide the knife in and out of a slot,press the back side of the knife against the wood instead of the sharp side.

    Resafy Magnetic Chef Knife Acacia Wooden Block Holder
    Resafy Magnetic Knife Wooden Block Holder Rack Magnetic Stands Strong Enhanced Magnets Kinves Strip

    All products provide a one-year quality after-sales service.If accessories missing,please tell us,we will give you a replacement immediately!

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